Tuesday, April 15, 2014

City of Heavenly Fire book Cover Revealed

I get a lot of feels about the cover of the book. As a TMI (The Mortal Instruments) fan I’ve been waiting to read this book so much; the finale of this well loved series, unfortunately the fan had to still wait for May for it to be published. The cover is just a tease for us and it made us very much excited to the point of dying just by seeing the release of the cover.

The cover shows Clary wearing a seemingly white silk dress and she’s holding a dagger. I think the dagger was the one that Jace repeatedly dreams of stabbing Clary. Also we see Sebastian with angel wings, I don’t know why he had that wings because he’s not even an angel he has demon blood in him. Also we see a misty golden shape; I have a hunch that that is Jace because his body is consumed in heavenly fire; now that’s being literally hot!

I am so excited for the book, but I cannot also hide the fact that I'm scared to read it because according to the author, six characters will die and I just can’t even take it if Jace will be one of them.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finally Some Breathing Room

It feels so good to have a lot of money in the bank. No I don’t have tens of thousands of cash. I just have a few thousand. But still it feels liberating not to be afraid of running out of cash to soon.

The past months have been difficult because I was trying to adjust to a new way of managing my finances. Finally my partner has stopped nagging me about how I dealt with my money and just let me use my own style in tracking my spending and earnings. I didn’t want to fail her but even that made me stressed and I ended up saving more.

But now that I feel that I’ve finally adjusted, I feel light and free and a little bit more comfortable with the idea of having money to spare. I just hope I can keep it up and be able to control my spending so that I could finally set aside money for my future plans.

He Trained Me to Love

I’m working as a Nurse in a caregiving institution for seniors for five years now. We were used to record patients’ charts manually. Good thing we have a new computerized management system for senior housing software.

All of the staff was trained on how to use the system but we have a new nurse, Emma, who’s not yet trained for it. Our human resource manager called for a technician to train Emma formally. Ron was the technician sent to our office to train her. Their training was twice a week for a month duration. A month has passed yet Ron keeps coming back to our work. We were surprised when Emma announced they are officially on. Wow! We never noticed they became close during the training sessions.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fraud and Deception on the Internet

Cheating can be seen on the four corners of the internet. Fraud and deception is made easier right now especially that animosity is common in the internet. If you do not want to reveal your own identity then you can do it. This situation is one of the major drawbacks of using the internet. You can hide who you are and you can copy others personalities. The internet has already been used for several deceptions. For instance, a popular artist has several fake social media accounts. These accounts are created by their fans and even their detractors for several reasons.

In order to protect our own identity and reputation, it is a lot better if you declare all true accounts you have. This can be very beneficial for popular personalities such as stars and famous leaders of any countries.

Hunting Down Bargain Sales

One thing that I love about my father is that he never buy something that isn’t on sale. But don’t get me worry. Even with this attitude, he never settle for anything but the best. So even though he only shops during sale, still expect that he will demand for the new stock of all the items that he will purchase.

When we asked him why he does what he does, he would simply tell us that he learned his lesson when he save on yamaha emx512sc powered mixer that he bought on sale. He said that it function just like the ones that you don’t get on sale. So why bother buying a really expensive one when you can buy something with the same high quality but a lower price tag?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Oh great, another T-shirt!

My friend Jimmy has this incredible hobby, he collects t-shirts, every kind of t shirt that you might think about he has. From t shirts of the 70s to more recent t shirts, athletics t shirts, Cristiano Ronaldo t shirt, he really has an incredible collection and he never stops.

One of these days he found this model that was very stylish and out of normal, he really liked it and saw it has a masterpiece, good thing he found katydid t-shirts at a very affordable price. His collection keeps growing and growing with models out of charts, one of these days he might consider get a closet too since this brand has a lot of nice t shirts.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Prevention is Better than Cure

Health is definitely wealth. So we need to take absolute good care of it. Taking care of our health should be our top priority because if we are not in our tip top shape we won’t be able to perform our daily tasks.

Rather than curing an illness, it is much better if we think of ways and means on how to prevent the spread of any illness to our home and family. One way is to educate the people on how they can prevent an illness. Teach them how cleanliness and proper sanitation of things can prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that can cause illness. So for instance, Dengue and Malaria are very rampant during rainy season. To prevent this, what we must first do is to eradicate the cause of this illness which is a bite from infected mosquitoes. Removing all stagnant water and cleaning surroundings is one way to stop the spread of mosquitoes.

These ways of preventing the spread of illness is a lot cheaper compared to curing someone that already is infected with the illness.