Thursday, September 17, 2015

All You Can Eat Buffet

Once, I was invited to my friend birthday party at all you can eat buffet restaurant. I tried to explain to my friend that I don’t have a big stomach for food. I ate very little. It is not like I am dieting or something. I just ate less food than everyone else. And going to the all you can eat buffet restaurant is really a waste for me. But because my friend is treating me, so I agree to go with her although I warn her that I cannot eat that much food.

When I got there, my other friends were already seated. So, we began to ransack the buffet for favorite foods. I only ate one plate of rice and crisp potatoes with corn. My other friend is going back and forth to fill their empty plate. One of my friends eats so many foods that she has her fourth plate of food already. One more thing that amazed me that she is so skinny. I never thought that she can eat that much.

The Art Of Balancing

I have been reading about balancing the analog input over the last couple of days. It may not seem much if you are the kind of person who wants to buy pre-made or readily arranged equipments. However, I am the type who tries to tinker with those stuff and even attempt to create my own. I have been doing it over the years, though there has been hit and misses.

A balanced cable according to my research is essential to be able to prevent signal loss and disruption in the quality of sound. I didn't know this before reading about it, which was a shame because it could affect the music I was playing. For those that are concerned with the latter, learn how to balance first.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Choosing The Perfect Fabrics

From the later weeks of May up to the next four consecutive months, alarming situations due to rain will constantly be in the news every day. Because the months of continuous rain fall are coming, the suitable fabric of clothes should be considered to protect our bodies from the cold wind it brings. In days like these, thick fabric clothes are often wore to give our body temporary heat and maintain our normal temperature.

Thick cloths are not enough. When you choose the fabrics you will wear, you must also bear in mind that once it touches our body, we would not feel any itch from it, rough surface or any unease feeling. Some choose the type of sweater or jackets because these are trending in the market. Choosing the right clothes must also be comfortable and suits for our body types. Copying the latest trend would help you if the clothes you are wearing are worthless at all.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Boxed like Manny or Bradley

Last weekend, I got so pissed with a friend who said something bad against me. This particular friend of mine really got this attitude that pisses people off every now and then. I was holding back every time this attitude of his shows up but then, I wasn’t able to hold it any longer.

Out of fury and anger, I punched him in the face. I was surprised with what I did, and so was he. It was the first time I made this violent, impulsive reaction. And that must have hurt because my hand was bruised and sprained. I started feeling the pain after the incident and I had it plastered with an elastic bandage. My hand was plastered for almost a week.

I had the feeling that he got angry with what I did because I haven’t heard anything from since that day. Sad that I did that (and I admit that what I did was wrong, very wrong), I just can’t say sorry for now because I also got hurt with what he said.

Ibanez All The Way

I am down to my 6th Ibanez instrument. I have owned several over the years and I am not planning on changing anytime soon. Admittedly, the thought of trying other bass came into my mind, but as soon as I borrow my friends set, I would still yearn for my Ibanez. Recently, I bought the sr250.

I did not need a new one but still decided to buy it at the time because I had extra cash and the bass looked beautiful. I was convinced into getting it when I envisioned it displayed proudly inside my room. Aside from being lightweight, this electric bass had anything I would want in an Ibanez. It had great tone, feel, and overall performance.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Kid in the Fridge

Last Wednesday, I went to my aunt’s house because she invited me for dinner. We shared a delicious dinner that’s filled with poached shells and grilled premium fish. After having dinner, we then had popcorns while watching our favorite TV show.

My aunt had two sons (who are, technically, my cousins), namely: Ton-Ton and Angelu. Angelu is a year older than Ton-Ton who is now 2 years old. Both of them are naughty kids but Angelu is more hyperactive than his younger brother. And because of Angelu’s hyperactive personality, Ton-ton will just resort in enclosing himself in their old, non-functional refrigerator. It was his habit, as what my aunt said.

It was a surprise for me to see him there because it was quite unusual. But I never showed the kid that I am surprised. I took a picture of him, instead.

It Started From A Game

My obsession with the drums started when I played the game Rock Band with my college friends. Back then, we had nothing better to do, so we bought the instruments and pretended that we are this supper famous band. The more I played drums on the game, the more my interest on it grew.

I transitioned to the real thing and eventually bought my own set from for a steal price. It took some getting used to because the game could not compare to the actual drums, but after taking lessons, I soon got the hang of it. My friends and I still played Rock Band, but I feel that I’m on a different level now. Maybe it is time to urge them to buy their own instruments too.