Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dinner at Roadhouse

Tuesday last week was a holiday here in our place, and with, there was no work. I, then, scheduled a dinner at roadhouse cafĂ© with a long lost boy friend. I chose the place not because I absolutely haven’t been there, because I’ve there with my family several times, but for the reason that I haven’t been there with a friend. And my second reason is that I was craving for their chicken cordon bleu at that time.

For my brother and I, roadhouse serves the best chicken cordon bleu in town! They had the most flavorful version of the dish that we ever tasted. And it was my order for that night. I just got a little pissed off because my supposedly “date” was twenty minutes late. But it didn’t matter after my order was served.

The Most Important Room

When my family and I transferred houses, we didn’t know what to do with the music room. The house came with it, together with an old piano in the corner. I thought that it was going to be unused forever since my wife and I didn’t know how to play any instruments. Then my sons started growing and showed an interest in it.

My eldest wanted to learn the violin, so we supplied the room with one. My second son was interested in the trumpet, so we got that as well and placed it inside the room. Little by little, it began to fill up with instruments and even became one of the most used rooms in the house, next to the kitchen. I’m still waiting for someone to play the piano though.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dad Plays Both Roles

There was a time when my mom got an out of town assignment and the only instruction that she gave my dad is: “You take care of the kids!”. I can’t find any sense why mom said that because my brother and I are already grown-ups and we can already take care of ourselves.

Surprisingly, my dad took mom’s role the next morning. When I came out from the bathroom (I am usually the first one to wake-up every day), I saw my dad doing the kitchen stuff. And he asked me what I want for breakfast, I said I wanted to have luncheon meat, and so he cooked luncheon meat for breakfast. When I came back to the dining table, I really laughed at how my dad plated the luncheon meat! He is, indeed, a man! But I’m still thankful that he did it at his best.

From One Instrument To Another

Throughout the years, I have learned to play a lot of instruments. My parents made me take up piano lessons in grade school. During high school I have take an interest in flute and harmonica. But only recently did I pick up a stringed instrument, the guitar to be exact. As with any instrument, playing the guitar poses different challenges.

There were some notes that came rather hard for me, but none is as frustrating as breaking my guitar strings. Since learning it, I’ve had the displeasure of damaging 4 or 5, and it was a pain to replace at first. I’ve long since mastered the art of changing it, but it is still very irritating at times. Oh well! I guess it comes with the territory.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Annoying Maintenance Page

Ok, so you surf the web to find information for your article. I can see the snapshot of the web from the search engine, I went there, but then there is a maintenance page hanging in there. That’s so annoying. I knew that every website need maintenance, but when I see that kind of page I don’t like it at all. Especially, when there is no info what time the maintenance thing will be done.

It wasn’t so hard to put the reserve time in those maintenance page so I can know when I can visited the webpage later on. Anyway, a good website always did their maintenance at the least internet traffic so people won’t be bothered with the maintenance. Is it possible for website to keep the maintenance while still has a live website on the run? That’s what I would like to see in every website. So, no more maintenance mode.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Home Alone Experience

Ever experience the home alone thing like Kevin in the movie Home Alone? Well, I have, but there are no bad guys for me. It just happened that all my family is gone because my father is sick at the hospital so my mother has to take care of him. My brother is working and my sister is in college. I just came home after graduation before entering the job experience. I feel sad, I want to look after my father, but my mother said no because my father illness is contagious.

I can only visit him during the day. So, at night I always home alone. It is really lonely. Actually, my uncle and aunt live near my house, so I can visit them if I wanted to. But, I don’t like to disturb their rest. So, in the end, I watch movie, I read some book to kill the time. When, my brother finally home after coming back from work, I am so happy I am not alone anymore.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Writing with English Language in My Diary

I learnt the English language when I was in second grade. A year later I used my knowledge of the English words and put it in my diary. I read the diary a decade later and I laughed out loud. My grammar is misplaced and some of the words are misspelled. But, at least I have the courage to try it out. My English is getting better as the year progress.

Right now, I have boss that speak English all the time and I speak the language when I was on family trip overseas. I am more confidence of my English language because I practice it every day. My job requires me to write and speak English every day. Although, I am not a native but at least I can speak with someone with good English. The secret is to be confident and not afraid to make some mistake because believe me foreign peoples are really understanding. And they praised you just for speaking their language.